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Sonoform - Don't lose money on plywood, use the Sonoboard!


Excellent Finish, Top Quality. Every time.

Field tested with solid track record.

Engineered high-tech material for formworks that outlasts and outperforms plywood, traditionally used in formworks. Sonoboard saves the birch forests and is both reusable and 100% recyclable.Continue reading to find out about the characteristics and the thoroughly tested benifits of Sonoboard and how it can save you both cost and time.

How to save money

Sonoboard is Field-proven, reused over 300 times and starts to save you cost at your first reorder of formworks plywood.
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Sonoboard vs Plywood

Hands-down, plywood stands no chance against the engineered Sonoboard.
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Engineered material

Sonoboard is a engineered high-tech material with many clear benifits. Sonoboard is extremely durable and easy to repair.
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The sonoboard Characteristics!

9 outstanding benefits

Board specs

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