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Use your ice more


Increase revenues with hot events on the cold ice. Sports, concerts, exhibitions and other events.

Have you made a large investment in a indoor ice arena? Sonofloor Events is the source of a new income for your indoor ice arena. With the easy-to-hande floor, the ice arena is transformed to a concert hall, exhibition area or sports arena within a few hours. The light weight non-absorbent floor is very easy to put on the ice, isolating the ice to lower the cooling cost and you get a floor with normal indoor temperature. Use the events_imagesport-surface for sports activities or the harder exhibition-surface for concerts, exhibitions or even dance competitions. After use the Sonofloor Event is very easy to clean and even more easy to disassemble. The storage facility can be outside, the climate don't effect the Sonofloor Event. Your floor is waiting to be used the next time.

Sonofloor leverages your ice.

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