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New User Guide and Accessory Paper

Check out our latest User Guide, including nail repairing, and you find all the necessary repair kits in the Accessory Paper.


Merry Christmas!

Sonoform wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas


Cleaning and Refurbishing

Check out the new movie, at YouTube, showing the easy way of cleaning and refurbishing the Sonoboard.




Order one truck load of sonoboard® and we deliver it for free.

Download Pdf


Repair Instructions

A new movie showing the easy way of repairing the sonoboard, by patches or by hot melt.



New Sonoboard information

We have added more information about the Sonoboard regarding how you will save money, why you should skip plywood and how you use the Sonoboard

You find the new information here.

You will also find a new brochure and User Guide on the Download page.


Formwork & Scaffolding Exhibition Istanbul

Sonoboard is participating on the Formwork & Scaffolding Exhibition in Istanbul the 31st of Mars to the 3rd of April.

Exhibition web


Side-by-Side Comparison

Sonoboard vs Plywood

Check out the comparison table.

Sonoboard vs Plywood

(click on the table to enlarge)


The table Blend

The high-tech engineered material Sonoboard is now used in furnitures. The Swedish company Voice is using the Sonoboard in their new table Blend. High strength in combination with low weight made Voice chose the Sonoboard.

Link to the table Blend.


New orders!

Sonoform have been awarded two large orders of Sonoboard for Formworks to be delivered during 2011.